October 16, 2014

The Review Files: TheSkimm

Hello Dolls! I've missed you dearly. So much has been going on that I’m happy to get a break and come back to what is that I truly love. Talking to you, obviously! Would you believe that I have something so amazing that I can no longer contain it for myself?

So, I know you’re wondering “Ms Natural Beauty what exactly is TheSKIMM?” It’s everything you've been looking for in terms of the daily news about politics, technology, sports, and other information you can use. TheSkimm gives us the shortened, more enlightened version that others don't. They help us hold conversation on our morning carpool ride, over muffins in the break room, or simply in line for that cup of Joe that we often times forget at home. 

Featured in Elle Mag
Featured in Business Insider

Meet the Co-Founders Danielle & Carly, two amazing ladies who met in college and went on to work at NBC before deciding to dump their day jobs to bring us TheSkimm! The focus is information that women of any age could read over while checking email or browsing Instagram in the morning. With a delivery of Monday-Friday usually around 6 a.m. you're able to gather all the needed content to carry you throughout the day. 

Now that I've told you about this amazing newsletter let me tell you what it is that makes me jump for joy. These ladies include quotes with each and every email, there's always a giveaway floating inside, and you get an awesome b-day shoutout! Not to mention you can become wait for it.... a SKIMMBASSADOR which basically means you spread the word about this lovely, women ran newsletter all while accumulating amazing SWAG! Like this cute tote I received just the other day. 

My 1st Official Skimm Swag

I wonder if I've been convincing enough on my own to get you to start Skimm'ing if not then maybe this will entice you....

Oprah Skimm's

Here's my share link...click away dolls you'll be glad you did!