November 6, 2013

The Hair Files: Ayurvedic powder

Greeting Dolls
It’s been forever since I’ve done a Hair File but actually this is my first post since the new blog design! But in any case let’s begin. If you’re new to the blog then I’ll give you a small introduction to my Natural Hair. I’ve been natural going on 4 years Feb 28th, if you follow the hair chart I’m 4C, Low Porosity, and I LOVE MY HAIR. 

I’d be insincere if I said that sometimes I don’t have Hair Envy, Hair Crushes, or wish I could slacken my curl pattern because I’m guilty of them all. But over time I have learned and honestly continually learn on ways to care for my hair. I wouldn’t profess myself as a product junkie because I’m not. But what I have been is pretty lucky in the hair world! My giveaway winnings ElastaQP $100 products prize & Miss Jessie's $100 product prize were PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME. So much so that I barely bought any new products since March! I’ve even given away some of my winnings MNB 20 Prize GiveawayBut in my quest to find what works I’ve come across something more than a few Naturals that swear by today’s Hair File.

Ayurvedic powder. Mud washes, clay rinses however you may want to call them are mixed together and give great results if done correctly. On my search to find the right powders for me I browsed YouTube, blogs, & even searched some old FB posts to see what knowledge I could acquire before I did my search to find some of my own. I found that most people used Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, & Aritha. I then began to look for recipes that were suitable for my needs. After A LOT of searching I was able to locate a Mediterranean store that had all of these. I ventured out to my local venue and purchased all the necessary powders. Now for the fun part!

It should be noted that anytime you work with powders of any sort it is best to always use plastic. It could stain and if used with metal components will lose some of its key attributes. I have my own set of containers and measurement items that I only use for my mud washes. So if you’re wondering what any of these powders could do for you here’s a small chart of some benefits I thought were great.
Powder Benefits
I must note when searching for powders in your local store CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATES! For some insane reason which even surprised my mother I did not check the dates but luckily only the Shikakai was out of date. After much thought I decided I would go ahead and make my mud wash without it.
Mud Wash Recipe
I will say that I didn’t mix this batch finely and I only had less than one cup of AVJ so I added a tablespoon of AVG in its place. I cannot stress enough on how you should mix this very well! I felt a few clumps here and there but was still able to have a successful application.

After it set I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. It was only later did I realize there were tiny, tiny granules of clay that to this date a 2 weeks later affected nothing. The clay didn’t get to point of hardening like Red Clay masks usually do but I figured after an hour I should be good. I rinsed and my hair felt VERY SOFT with my being able to stick my fingers in places I normally wouldn’t (4C remember). I DC’d with Miss Jessie’s Super SweetBack Treatment mixed with Sweet Almond Oil for about 30min under a hooded dryer and then detangled. On my next trial run I plan to have my hair detangled before I begin. 

As far as powders go I’m sold but my test it yet to be done. I plan to do this every 2 weeks for 3 months to see if it has done Krown of Glory any favors. If so I’ll add this to regiment if not I’ll let you know. Hope you enjoyed today’s Hair Files and feel free to save the graphics or even share the post.