September 18, 2013

The Fashion Files: Full Skirts from ASOS Curve

If you have any internet connection then you know that NYFW just passed! We were introduced to styles for Spring 2014 but we also saw what's becoming trendy this Fall 2013. Something I loved was the Full Skirt! Talk about letting go of something old to bring in something new. Out are the days of the Bodycon that everyone including myself took part of & don't tell anyone but I still have a few things hanging in my closet ready to wear! LOLs But let's offer something new this Fall 2013 and try something different. We can follow the likenesses of Eva Chen, Lucky mag's newest EIC or Natural Hair Maven & Songstress Solange.

If you've never visited my page then you must know I am an ASOS Curve fanatic. So when I decided I'd like to get a hold of the trend I naturally ventured to the website to see what I could find. Browse my picks & let me know if you find other plus size full skirts that can go along with the few I've chosen.

Do you think these skirts were good choices?