August 15, 2013

The Dupe Files: 8/15/13

Hello Dolls! Hope all is well with you guys. I decided I will be changing my format soon and making the blog more structured while being reader friendly. So lets jump into today's Dupe Files.

I recently placed an order from one of my favorite places to shop: Forever21. Well two pieces didn't work out so I found myself trekking to my local store to exchange for something else. I don't know about the XXI in your area but ours had a section equal to about 5% of the store space allocated to the plus sizes. But this trip I noticed it was moved and had been reduced to about 2% all while being moved next to the dressing room area. Bummer? Yes a huge one! But it doesn't bother me so much because I only shop from them the same way I'm communicating with you now! Hi!

So let's get to the good part. Well the point of me mentioning the reductions was to speak on the fact I barely had anything to choose from. Yes poor me :( But I noticed a top and decided if I couldn't find anything I would come back to this very top. Well after 20 min. of realizing nothing would work I settled on my first choice and without further adieu....

Répondez s'il vous plaît, or please reply

Isn't it cute? I love that I can wear this for a girls night out with dark denim jeans and heels or date night with leggings and flats! Either way for $14.80 with faux leather sleeves it made it's way to my bag! So being that my total of exchange was $15.60 w/out tax I needed more. 

Well they always keep these small clearance items surrounding their POS. One side was closed and it happened to be the side with the clearance items. As I browsed and I poked I noticed small trinkets strewn about but nothing that caught my eye until.....

Translucent Hot Pink

Yes of course this isn't a Candy bag but it's as close as I'll get to one! LOL I became obsessed with getting one but knew I didn't want to get a faux one that says FURLA or that I'd spend that much for retail. What I love about this little number is size! I normally carry totes or good sized handbags so something that will house the small items that I actually need was perfect.


I have these items for storing: fold-able Polaroid headphones, Minkoff coin purse/wallet, hot pink silicone business card holder, Aztec shades, 45 RPM compact, a case for things I don't want seen, and of course Lippie items! The bag works wonders. 

Business Card Holder

Shades, Lippie, Minkoff

Minkoff & Business Mix

But guess how much I copped this for? Keep GUESSING!

But Wait....

Now take half of that! SCORE, but remember I still have left over credit from the exchange. So I only paid $4.47 total! Which to me is a huge win over $165 that I would spend for these babies.

Furla Candy Bags 

So while I would love to get the real thing I have settled on this weeks DUPE FILES! Follow me on BlogLovin or Get MNB in your inbox for the next Dupe File because it's sure to zip you right to your nearest POS to get one!

P.S. Forever21 is currently having an EXTRA30 % off sale items 
P.P.S. the code is in all caps, in bold, and underlined! Hurry ends 8/18/13
P.P.S.S. the bag came with a long strap but I cut that sucker off