July 23, 2013

The Review Files: July 2013 Goodies Co. Box

July Goodies Co. Box
This month the Goodies Co. gave us a smaller box! Talk about Eco Footprint. The smaller box saves & gives us a different look. They gave us a postcard explaining the process & we love them for it. 

Eco Friendly

So let's dive in & see what's in store! 

Postcards & Tissue Paper


Yah! At first I saw the Fruit Water & I thought okay I've seen these before but never tried it. So of course I was still excited but look at all the other items!

Spread for your delight

Check out the right side, ey! Fruit Chews, Multi Grain Crackers, Jalapeno Chips, & Cinnamon Crunch Corn! Looks yummy right? Everything had it's own unique taste & I enjoyed it all! But if I had to pick a favorite it was the Jalapeno Chips because I am a Spicy Girl! 

July 2013 Goodies Co. Box

If you've not had the chance to sign up for the Goodies Co. visit HERE! It's $7 a month & your reviews offer you points that can lead to a free month! It's a home run for me because I've loved all the items that I've tried the past two boxes & I am usually a hard critic. I can't speak for my next month's box but so far I am pleased! Want to see my review for this month's box visit HERE! Come back often I usually post once or twice a week!

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