April 5, 2013

The Hair Files: Spritz Bottle & Havana Twist Installation

Hi Loves! I am making a new spritz bottle this season and will retire my mixes from before! I don’t know if other people have two but I do! One has half AVJ/half distilled water while the other is being made as we speak. I decided to include a full line up of oils, waters, glycerin & more to make this bottle well rounded.

First I put in my Hibiscus Flowers because it is said to assist in thicker hair growth. It can be purchased in powder form which will probably be easier to use but I like the accents the flowers add to the bottle. I will then continue to add my oils EVOO & Jojoba at 5T each, the JBCO at 3T & the Castor oil at 2T, the Glycerin & Vitamin E oil at 1T, 3 drops of Tea Tree for itchiness, and then I will fill 1/4c Rosewater 1/2c AVJ & 1c Distilled water. Then shake! You can refrigerate {perfect for summer} but the vitamin E is a preservative so it should last.

This spritz mixture will serve as a moisturizer for my newly installed Havana Twists as well as for use after my installation is taken out. I am anxious to try everything with the exception of AVJ, EVOO, Tea Tree, & the regular Castor Oil as I’ve used them before! Hoping for great results this time around but if I have to take out something’s that is a part of the Natural process. My question to you is have you used any of these items and how did they work for you?

To prepare my hair for my Havana Twist I soaked the Marley hair in ACV {2 cups store brand Gal. without Mother} for 30 min & rinsed with cold water. I hung the hair on hangers to dry overnight. The day of my installation I detangle with a Castor Oil/Distilled Water Mix, then a Bentonite Clay Cleanser, followed up by a deep conditioner with Shea Butter Cholesterol extra added EVOO, EVCO & Jojoba Oil. 

I should've added a conditioner to the water but you live and learn!

The Bentonite Clay Cleanser
  • 1/2c Clay
  • 1/2c AVJ {with Mother}
  • 1/4c EVOO
  • 1/4c ACV
  • A few drops of essential oil

Always use plastic when using the clay because metals will take away the clay’s benefits. Blend clay & ACV, then add the AVJ by now it should have a creamy consistency, finally add the essential oil for scent. Make sure to apply to wet hair sections of four and set for 45min. Thoroughly rinse and follow up with a deep conditioner.

The clay made my hair softer than the first use which was fine. Be sure not to put the clay on the scalp even though I did. I had a time getting it out but then remembered I had some Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile soap. Works wonders. I washed and it rinsed clean after one try!!!

Shea Butter Cholesterol

I simply added 2T of EVOO, EVCO, & Jojoba Oil to the mix. I let it set for 20min covered with baggy & a dryer fresh towel. The hair is then rinsed and blown dry. I love this mix. I always used cholesterol when I was relaxed so I figured I'd give it a try just because. Felt soft! The installation begins & finally my protective style is born. Have you done a protective style this year?

My Spritz comes out Red! I love it actually. But remember what works for me may not work for you. Here is a bun of my twists. I've learned to spend the extra money and get the fingercomber brand. This Marley type is OK if you're on a budget but next time I will splurge for my locks! 

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