February 27, 2013

Welcome to Ms Natural Beauty

Hi and welcome to Ms Natural Beauty. I am her! 
I will try to post here everyday. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to but if I don't I probably just don't feel like it. My blog will be about so many things and I hope you really enjoy. 
Tomorrow is my hair's birthday. If you're Natural then you know what I mean but if not basically it's when I cut all my hair off {BC} and let it grow without chemicals. I never thought to turn back and I have no intentions of doing so. My hair is a man which I think most women have women hair, lol. His name is Krown of Glory and he'll be 3 tomorrow. He is actually receiving gifts which is cool. And well it saves me money from having to buy such things.
I also make handmade gemstone bracelets which are for sale here Designs by Leigh The FB page DBL that a few people follow and I post things I like. I am on Twitter Ms Natural Beauty on Tumblr Ms Natural Beauty on Facebook Ms Natural Beauty So there you can basically see me everywhere. I do plan to re-brand Designs by Leigh but that isn't until April. I hope you enjoy and I hope you invite friends to follow.