October 16, 2014

The Review Files: TheSkimm

Hello Dolls! I've missed you dearly. So much has been going on that I’m happy to get a break and come back to what is that I truly love. Talking to you, obviously! Would you believe that I have something so amazing that I can no longer contain it for myself?

So, I know you’re wondering “Ms Natural Beauty what exactly is TheSKIMM?” It’s everything you've been looking for in terms of the daily news about politics, technology, sports, and other information you can use. TheSkimm gives us the shortened, more enlightened version that others don't. They help us hold conversation on our morning carpool ride, over muffins in the break room, or simply in line for that cup of Joe that we often times forget at home. 

Featured in Elle Mag
Featured in Business Insider

Meet the Co-Founders Danielle & Carly, two amazing ladies who met in college and went on to work at NBC before deciding to dump their day jobs to bring us TheSkimm! The focus is information that women of any age could read over while checking email or browsing Instagram in the morning. With a delivery of Monday-Friday usually around 6 a.m. you're able to gather all the needed content to carry you throughout the day. 

Now that I've told you about this amazing newsletter let me tell you what it is that makes me jump for joy. These ladies include quotes with each and every email, there's always a giveaway floating inside, and you get an awesome b-day shoutout! Not to mention you can become wait for it.... a SKIMMBASSADOR which basically means you spread the word about this lovely, women ran newsletter all while accumulating amazing SWAG! Like this cute tote I received just the other day. 

My 1st Official Skimm Swag

I wonder if I've been convincing enough on my own to get you to start Skimm'ing if not then maybe this will entice you....

Oprah Skimm's

Here's my share link...click away dolls you'll be glad you did!

January 25, 2014

Welcome Back: The Fashion Files

Welcome Back Dolls!

Sorry I've been MIA but I've actually been working more & more which is in my favor because I can buy more things! I'm just kidding, I save more *nods head vigorously*! So I've been gone for a minute now & I've missed so much but I'm here to let you know I will not miss anymore. So many things have happened but nothing life changing other than a better job. But just to let you know I'm going to get back into posting more often. Enough of the chit chat. Today is going to a be a Fashion/Sale File but more or less a fashion file. So sit back and enjoy the show.

So lately I've been indulging in Forever21 and you know I have such a love/hate relationship with the company. Which is due to the fact my local store had A CORNER devoted to Plus Sizes while the rest of the store which is so enormous holds straight sizes and mens flawlessly. I was shocked on the last trip when I saw that the area had been expanded but I was still appalled because I had been stalking the site during their EXTRA50% off sale recently and I saw items were so much more than on the site. 

Like this dress:

It was online for $6.99 but in-store it was $19.99 with 50% off.  So of course I indulged in nothing but only browsed just to check prices. I still saw nothing that said buy me and I was immediately turned off by the pricing. But I had a great time buying online. The only thing I hated was that I was going to buy this dress:

But when I came back to make my purchase it was gone. Soooo I ended up with 2 skirts 3 dresses some jewelry and a few misc. items. As you well know our next season is Spring 2014 and guess what? We are all going to enjoy the few items XXI has to offer. I did see a few items I purchased at the extra50% off price go back to full price but I noticed that with the items I purchased they are not eligible for exchange. Honestly I'm fine with that because I know I thoroughly scoured and I've gotten what I wanted.  The more I looked at the above dress, the more I realized I'd never be able to go to Buffalo Wild Wings on game night! LOL. 

So Dolls here are my picks in the accessory fields of XXI Spring 2014, Enjoy!I'll begin with earrings. I searched high & low to find these beauties. At this price who couldn't look like a million bucks!

So if you have earrings then why not need a neck piece? No outfit is complete without a statement piece and usually that is created by a grand necklace. How about one of these beauties?

If you've got earrings and a necklace you mustn't leave your arms bare. Arm Candy is where it's completed. I don't know about you but I love getting more for the money. Whether it's with a number of bracelets or a huge one! Take your pick.

What post is complete without something to carry things in? These bags are so the bee's knees. You've got an overnight bag, a backpack, tote bag and even something that's giving MINKOFF-ISH tones! Can you guess which one that is? Here's a hint: it will save you more than enough MULAH! 

Of course you can't have an accessory post without having the most important one of all right? In the words of famed designer, Christian Louboutin... A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.

This rounds up my VERY 1st Fashion File of 2014 featuring XXI (Forever21)! They've came up with ways for everyone to look fashionable whether they have a budget or not. But if you're new to the blog then you have to learn I'm a Bargainista by design! I love good quality things and I can say with certainty I've yet to have a piece from XXI that was nothing more than substantial if not more than I bargained for. 

November 6, 2013

The Hair Files: Ayurvedic powder

Greeting Dolls
It’s been forever since I’ve done a Hair File but actually this is my first post since the new blog design! But in any case let’s begin. If you’re new to the blog then I’ll give you a small introduction to my Natural Hair. I’ve been natural going on 4 years Feb 28th, if you follow the hair chart I’m 4C, Low Porosity, and I LOVE MY HAIR. 

I’d be insincere if I said that sometimes I don’t have Hair Envy, Hair Crushes, or wish I could slacken my curl pattern because I’m guilty of them all. But over time I have learned and honestly continually learn on ways to care for my hair. I wouldn’t profess myself as a product junkie because I’m not. But what I have been is pretty lucky in the hair world! My giveaway winnings ElastaQP $100 products prize & Miss Jessie's $100 product prize were PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME. So much so that I barely bought any new products since March! I’ve even given away some of my winnings MNB 20 Prize GiveawayBut in my quest to find what works I’ve come across something more than a few Naturals that swear by today’s Hair File.

Ayurvedic powder. Mud washes, clay rinses however you may want to call them are mixed together and give great results if done correctly. On my search to find the right powders for me I browsed YouTube, blogs, & even searched some old FB posts to see what knowledge I could acquire before I did my search to find some of my own. I found that most people used Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, & Aritha. I then began to look for recipes that were suitable for my needs. After A LOT of searching I was able to locate a Mediterranean store that had all of these. I ventured out to my local venue and purchased all the necessary powders. Now for the fun part!

It should be noted that anytime you work with powders of any sort it is best to always use plastic. It could stain and if used with metal components will lose some of its key attributes. I have my own set of containers and measurement items that I only use for my mud washes. So if you’re wondering what any of these powders could do for you here’s a small chart of some benefits I thought were great.
Powder Benefits
I must note when searching for powders in your local store CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATES! For some insane reason which even surprised my mother I did not check the dates but luckily only the Shikakai was out of date. After much thought I decided I would go ahead and make my mud wash without it.
Mud Wash Recipe
I will say that I didn’t mix this batch finely and I only had less than one cup of AVJ so I added a tablespoon of AVG in its place. I cannot stress enough on how you should mix this very well! I felt a few clumps here and there but was still able to have a successful application.

After it set I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. It was only later did I realize there were tiny, tiny granules of clay that to this date a 2 weeks later affected nothing. The clay didn’t get to point of hardening like Red Clay masks usually do but I figured after an hour I should be good. I rinsed and my hair felt VERY SOFT with my being able to stick my fingers in places I normally wouldn’t (4C remember). I DC’d with Miss Jessie’s Super SweetBack Treatment mixed with Sweet Almond Oil for about 30min under a hooded dryer and then detangled. On my next trial run I plan to have my hair detangled before I begin. 

As far as powders go I’m sold but my test it yet to be done. I plan to do this every 2 weeks for 3 months to see if it has done Krown of Glory any favors. If so I’ll add this to regiment if not I’ll let you know. Hope you enjoyed today’s Hair Files and feel free to save the graphics or even share the post.